Passover Seders & Holyday meals

@ Chabad of Champs Elysées 
There is a seat for you at Chabad of Champs Elysées!

Seder Table  

First Holiday meals 

First Seder, Friday April 19th - 9:15PM

First day meal, Saturday April 20th 

Second Seder, Saturday April 20th - 10:30PM

Second day meal, Sunday April 21st 

Shevii & Acharon shel Pesach

 Shevii shel Pesach, first evening meals, Thursday April 25th

Shevii shel Pesach, first day meal, Friday April 26th 

Acharon shel Pesach, first evening meals, Friday April 26th 

Acharon shel Pesach, first day meal, Saturday April 27th 

Reservation required, payable 24 hour before the event.

To make a reservation online, click here .



Chabad organize another 45 Sedarim in Paris and surroundings! To get the informations please click here .

Seder special students and young professionals! To register click here.